A life-long artist, creator, explorer, and Texan, Abigail Chance is best known as a painter. She received her art degrees from Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Fine Arts from University of Texas at Austin.

Her extensive travel, work in photography, video production, and her years spent in tropical third world countries afford Chance a plethora of images captured from which to draw. Chance's works are dense with animals, either wild & tame, often in surrealistic landscapes or highly sophistocated environs.


What they said:

"This website does not do justice to Chance's generous use of paint and the tactile quality of her canvases . It is quite a shame what is lost in translation."

»a friend & art critic

"Chance's work I find to be introspective yet cosmopolitan, gestural at times, precisely realistic at others. I never tire of her pieces. They grow on you so much with time."

»a fellow artist & friend